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The fake bomb detectors

It is almost 10 years since the sentencing and imprisonment of the individuals involved in the selling of fake explosives detectors, the so called ‘magic wands’. Significant fortunes were made

Ukraine Munition Report

In Eastern Ukraine, Colin King encountered numerous Russian tank positions, often with the remains of T-72 and T-80 series tanks that had been destroyed by anti-tank guided weapons. Most of

IMCSE establishes Health Working Group

IMCSE has established a Health Working Group (HWG) in response to an inflow of information indicating that those working in the munition clearance and search industry may suffer a higher

Friend’s of Ukraine EOD Video

Ben Remfrey, IMCSE Council Member, Founder of Ukraine EOD (an IMCSE supported charity) and Managing Director of MAT Kosovo EOD & ERW Training, funded by Jersey Overseas Aid, manages the

Colin’s Ukraine Road Trip

IMCSE Council Member, Co-Founder and Chief Intelligence Officer of Fenix Insight, Colin King, has recently returned to the UK from Ukraine. He and Jip McTavish, a small-arms and light weapons