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IMCSE at a Glance


IMCSE (the Institute of Munition Clearance & Search Engineers) is the professional body for those operating in and/or supporting the Munition Clearance and Search sectors.

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Munition Clearance Engineering encompasses all enabling activities contributing directly or indirectly to the removal, clearance, collection, disposal, destruction, demilitarisation, decontamination, identification, analysis, research, development and manufacture that facilitate successful demining, CMD, EOC, BAC, IEDD, WMDD, CWD, Clearance Diving, effect mitigation and threat reduction.

Search Engineering, in addition to aiding the location and detection of munitions during munition clearance, provides the means whereby any buried, underwater, hidden, abandoned, lost or disposed of item including but not limited to drugs, weapons, persons or contraband is detected, located or found and includes associated enabling analysis, research, development and manufacture.


Headquartered in the UK IMCSE currently has international Membership representation in Cyprus, Iraq, Kosovo, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, the UK and the USA.

Legal Structure

IMCSE is a not-for-profit unincorporated association the operation of which is governed by a constitution.



IMCSE has a Patron, a 12 Member Council, Institute Officers and special interest Working Groups.

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The core objective of IMCSE is the ongoing development of professionalism within the munition clearance and search sectors.


Successful membership applicants have their munition clearance and/or search training, education and experience validated. IMCSE are able to arrange accreditation of munition clearance and search training and education entities not already accredited by a recognised accrediting body.

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Membership ensures that employers, international organisations, governments and the public have confidence in the knowledge and experience of the Member.

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Annual subscriptions Member & Associate Member £60; Corporate Member from £150


IMCSE actively promotes sector, expertise, nationality, gender and age diversity.