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Founded by industry experts, Colin King and David Hewitson in 2011, Fenix Insight brings together many years’ experience in mine action, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and quality, environmental and safety management systems, with the very latest in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning technology and web-based services. A small and agile team of technical specialists, developers and project managers informs, advises and assists clients from the broadest, top-level policy making, down to the most intimate technical detail, using evidence-based decision making, ISO principles and bespoke digital resources to underpin all operations.

Alford Technologies’ user filled, patented, and proven technology is used by EOD and C-IED organisations in military, government, and commercial sectors across the globe . Based in the UK, they are an award-winning company who supply innovative explosive solutions for a range of tasks, including Breaching, Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), Conventional Munitions Disposal (CMD) and Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD). Founded in 1985 by Dr. Sidney Alford, a pioneer in explosive charge technology, who invented the world’s first liquid -lined explosive disruptor, the company has built a reputation as a world leader in explosive tools.

The Institute of Explosives Engineers is a membership organisation promoting the highest standards in the explosives industry. The Institute offers a home for everyone working in the explosives industry and actively fosters widespread communication between members, whilst helping them to advance their careers.

The International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators was founded in Sacramento, California in 1973, and provides a variety of resources to members from the bomb technician and investigator community.

The National Association of Security Dog Users promotes national standards for trainers, handlers and dogs used within the private specialist detection dog industry and for those concerned with care, health, safety and welfare of detection dogs.

Praedium Consulting Malta (PCM) provides integrated ERW solutions, enabling its clients to operate with preparedness and peace of mind, despite the nature of the business. They also empower their clients with the knowledge that ERW risks are managed effectively, safely, and in compliance with international standards and principles. PCM has a remote deployable Training Cadre capability, whereby they deploy a Cadre to a client location – the Cadre then develop the client’s site to incorporate a training facility; the training facility is designed to be fit for the role in terms of the training required by the client for their personnel and the environment.

Baric (Consultants) Ltd

Established in 1992 Baric Consultants provides worldwide consultancy services in all aspects of mine action, EOD (including clearance, stockpiles, abandoned munitions) and SALW. They are also active in projects relating to environmental remediation and human security where these are affected by explosive ordnance. The company has expertise and experience in working to humanitarian, commercial, and military objectives.

Initially established to respond to the growing global threat from terrorism and criminal acts, the core business of Train 2 Protect focused on Security and Explosives. This included Counter Terrorist Search and Improvised Explosive Device Disposal, as well as Threat and Vulnerability Assessments. They have been instrumental in the development of National Occupational Standards for personnel employed in the area of Search and Munition Clearance. Their core business has expanded to include the growing legislative safety requirements; First Aid, Fire Safety and Health, Safety and Environmental training, consultancy and equipment procurement.

Artios delivers Mine Action and Stabilisation services globally, with a specific focus on capacity development. This includes supporting Land Release operations of conventional mine, IED and ERW contamination; through to the management and destruction of ammunition stockpiles, and the training of police and military personnel in EOD, IEDD and Advanced Search. We are known for our ability to operate in some of the toughest locations worldwide: from Afghanistan and Iraq to East Africa, and recently, Ukraine. In the UK, Artios delivers UXO Risk Assessments, mitigation planning and client representation services compliant to CIRIA C681. Artios are ISO 9001, 14001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified and are proven suppliers to both the UN and UK government; both, through the Conflict, Security, Stabilisation Fund (CSSF) framework and open procurement.

SDD UK specialises in the production of inert copies of terrorist devices as training aids for accredited security organisations engaged in counter terrorist training and operations. Trading since 1990, in response to customer requests, SDD uses similar techniques when manufacturing the x-ray correct inert devices as terrorists may use in manufacturing lethal versions. To ensure accuracy of the replicas involves significant research and detailed design by the SDD design and development team. The range of products which are sold both within the UK and internationally include suicide IEDs, inert detonators, simulated explosives and a selection of target item training kits. All product order deliveries include an ‘Inert Certificate’.

Whether providing detection dogs or security guarding, RFA Security are committed to Quality Assurance as the cornerstone of their progress towards the creation of a Total Quality environment which is open to objective measurement. The decision to proceed in this way has brought about a positive approach to RFA management control systems and the development of additional measures to ensure that all policies are quality related and customer orientated. In the current security climate, the use of explosive detection dogs is increasingly in demand. The benefits of utilising sniffer dogs to enhance the protection of staff and premises.