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Membership Application Notes


  • Individual
  • Individual Associate
  • Corporate




  1. Practitioner – successfully complete formal training (at an accredited training organisation) and a minimum of 2 years practical experience in one or more of the listed disciplines OR successfully complete a minimum of 4 years practical experience in one or more of the listed disciplines.
  2. R&D – hold a degree (or equivalent) in an appropriate technical subject plus 2 years work experience in that subject OR have a minimum of 4 years work experience in an appropriate technical subject to include peer reviewed research papers or articles published in appropriate journals.
  3. Equipment Specialist – successfully complete appropriate technical training and a minimum of 2 years practical experience with munition clearance and/or search related equipment OR have a minimum of 4 years practical experience with munition clearance and/or search related equipment.


Members are entitled to use the post nominals MIMCSE.

Associate Member

Associate Membership is the entry level for individuals who are engaged in munition clearance and/or search as Practitioner, Research, Equipment Specialist or have otherwise contributed to the development of the munition clearance and/or search professions who do not at the time of application meet the entry criteria to qualify as a Member.

Associate Members are entitled to use the post nominals AMIMCSE.

Corporate Member

Corporate Membership is available to any company, sole trader, organisation, government department, NGO, or consultancy (the entity) engaged in the delivery and/or development of munition clearance and/or search analysis, information, publishing, intelligence, processes, procedures, skills, funding, legislation, contracting, training, technology, equipment, or skills.

Corporate Membership includes:

  • Entity logo, 100 word description and website link on the IMCSE website.
  • Corporate Member owners, managers, commanders, staff, employees, instructors, will receive the fee specified number of individual Memberships or Associate Memberships subject to the individuals meeting the Institute’s training and practical criteria for Membership or Associate Membership.


The Corporate entity is entitled to use the IMCSE Logo on the entity’s documents.

Individuals who have gained Membership or Associate Membership while with a Corporate Member are entitled to use the post nominals MIMCSE or AMIMCSE respectively.


Once the application is approved Membership duration is:

  • Member – lifelong
  • Associate Member – lifelong
  • Corporate Member – for the existence of the entity.
  • Individual Membership through a Corporate Member – as long as the individuals remains with the entity.
  • Individual Associate Membership through a Corporate Member – as long as the individuals remains with the entity.


provided that:

  • the highest professional standards are maintained.
  • the Member, Associate Member, Corporate Member does not cause disrepute to the Institute or profession.
  • the Member, Associate Member, Corporate Member does not receive a criminal conviction.
  • annual subscription fees are paid by the due date.


Members and Associate Members who have had applications approved while with a Corporate entity, may on leaving the entity continue their Membership or Associate Membership by complying with the above terms and conditions.


To complete the application form information and documents are required as follows:

Member/Associate Member

  • Name, phone number, email address and confirmation of agreement to be contacted by IMCSE of either a current IMCSE Member or 2 referees who have known the applicant for a minimum of 5 years, are of good standing and are willing to vouch on behalf of the applicant.
  • Copy of the applicant’s CV to include all relevant experience and contact name, phone number and email address of the organisation with which the applicant worked.
  • Copy of the applicant’s qualifications and name of awarding body.


Corporate Member

  • Copy of entity registration and/or license.
  • Entity website address or copy of entity literature.
  • List of representative munition clearance and search sector clients/customers.
  • Copy of entity quality assurance certificates.



The following fees are payable by bank transfer or credit card:

  • Application Fee – a non-refundable application fee equivalent to the annual subscription of the Membership category to be paid at the time of application.
  • Annual Subscription – to be paid annually on 01 February commencing the year after the application was approved.


Member/Associate Member – £60.00

Corporate Member – inclusive of up to 5 Members/Associate Members – £150.00¹

Corporate Member – inclusive of up to 10 Members/Associate Members – £250.00¹

Corporate Member fee packages providing 10 or more individual Membership and Associate Membership opportunities are available on request.

Replacement Membership Cards – £25.00 + p&p

Hardcopy Membership Certificate with embossed IMCSE seal – £25.00 + p&p


  1. p&p of Corporate individual Member & Associate Member membership cards covers one-time p&p; should multiple p&p be required an additional fee of £15.00 per event is payable.



  • Confirmation of application receipt within 3 working days.
  • Processing of the application shall commence on confirmation of payment of the non-refundable application fee.
  • The Institute Administrator will firstly confirm that the all required information and attachments have been included with the application; if not a request will be sent to the applicant for the missing information and attachments. The Administrator will pass the completed application to the Membership Working Group.
  • Applications will be reviewed by a minimum of 2 Members of the Membership Working Group and endorsed by the President/Past President; subject to all provided information and attachments meeting the due diligence criteria and positive responses from the applicants nominee/referees application processing shall be aimed to be completed within 3 weeks and the applicant notified of the result by email.
  • The Membership number, e-Membership Certificate and Member only website section LOGIN will be transmitted and the one-time issue Membership Card posted.
  • In the event the Member does not pay the annual subscription by the end of the year following Membership confirmation and annually thereafter access to the Member only website section will be blocked.



IMCSE currently accepts successful completion of past and present munition clearance and search courses of more than 15 working days duration run by the following organisations¹ as qualifying theoretical and practical courses:

International NGO

  • Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
  • UN Mine Action Service


New Zealand

  • Special Operations Training Centre – NZDF


Republic of Ireland

  • Irish Defence Forces Ordnance School


United Kingdom

  • Defence EOD School
  • Army School of Ammunition
  • Cranfield University
  • Counter Terrorist Search Wing – RSME
  • School of Military Engineering (RSME)
  • National Search Centre – RSME
  • Mine Action Centre – RSME
  • Police National Search Centre
  • Defence Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Munitions and Search Training Regiment – RSME
  • Defence Animal Centre


United States

  • US Navy EOD School



Munition Clearance & Search (as defined by IMCSE) Training organisations not currently on the IMCSE Register may be added to the register as follows:

  • National Government & International Non-Government Organisations – on submission of training information including breakdown of theoretical & practical instruction, duration and scope of delivered courses.
  • Commercial Training Organisations – on submission of a copy of the training course accreditation certificate and training information including breakdown of theoretical & practical instruction, duration and scope of delivered courses.




e-Certificate of Membership

IMCSE Certificate


Membership Card – plastic, credit card type

IMCSE Membership Card - Front

IMCSE Membership Card - Back