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Battle Area Clearance

Battle Area Clearance (BAC)

Battle Area Clearance (BAC) may take place in a post conflict environment to facilitate humanitarian requirements and economic recovery or during conflict when vital ground is necessarily cleared to aid military objectives. The level of reassurance required for the former will be significantly higher than that required during conflict and while humanitarian BAC standards are predicated on the absence of landmines and a focus on unexploded ordnance (UXO) landmines may be confronted in a mix of threats and planning considerations that include the presence of the full range of UXO, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), booby traps, unstable military ammunition and explosives, toxic chemicals, radioactive material, live electricity grids, flammable substances, military fighting vehicles, human remains and severely damaged buildings. Under such circumstances it is evident that the munition clearance and search professional will need to be part of a team that may include engineers and forensic specialists. The area clearance of explosive contaminated land over which conflict has not taken place, including military live firing ranges, is referred to as Explosive Ordnance Clearance (EOC).