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Ukraine Munition Report

February 4, 2023
Ukraine Munition Report

In Eastern Ukraine, Colin King encountered numerous Russian tank positions, often with the remains of T-72 and T-80 series tanks that had been destroyed by anti-tank guided weapons.

Most of the sites were littered with ordnance, including HEAT and penetrator tank ammunition. In addition to the more common weapons, the team also encountered many gun-launched missiles of the 9M119 series. These have the NATO designation AT-11 and the Russian nickname ‘Refleks’.

The 9M119 and 9M119M are fired from 125mm tank guns and ride a laser beam, projected from the tank to their target. Although they are true missiles, the rounds are easily mistaken for conventional projectiles, as their steering fins only deploy once they’ve been fired.


Ukraine Munition Report Shell Casing 9M119