President’s End Of Year Message

Dear IMCSE Colleagues,

2020 has been a year that none of us expected to experience bringing personal tragedy and hardship and collective disruption on an unimaginable scale. Nevertheless IMCSE Members have continued to play a vital role in addressing the global challenge of locating and clearing a range of explosive and chemical munitions and challenging those who seek to exploit our industry for personal gain.

Members have continued to provide expertise in exposing the purveyors of ‘the magic wand’ the reliance on which has resulted in numerous deaths in Iraq and elsewhere. The successful completion of the munition clearance of the Falkland Islands has involved a number of members and many others have been actively engaged in training and successfully pursuing our goal of safely locating and clearing munitions across the globe.

It is that time of year when we ask you to renew your subscriptions and in these times of economic uncertainty many of you will be asking yourselves what is the value in being a member of IMCSE. Membership is a confirmation of our professional commitment to operating safely in frequently high-risk environments and it is an affirmation that we are a brotherhood of like-minded individuals who seek the maintenance of professional excellence. Over recent years I have seen the tragic consequences, particularly in Northern Syria and Iraq, of individuals who lack the professionalism of our membership and engage in munition location and clearance beyond their knowledge and experience.

In the South Pacific two NPA operators died in circumstances that suggest they had deviatedfrom standard practice, so when we ask for evidence that IMCSE is relevant the losses within the industry and the successes of our members provide a resounding confirmation that we are!

We must however do more for our membership and educate the international industry as to the value of IMCSE now and in the future. In furtherance of these objectives there has been no greater proponent than Mike Groves, who as the IMCSE President for almost 2 decades, has been ‘the steady hand on the tiller’. He has given generously of his experience, establishing national and international links, overseeing an increased membership and always ‘flying the IMCSE flag’

Thank you to Mike, the Council, the support team and the members and the very best of wishes for the coming years.

Garth Whitty
President, IMCSE