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GICHD Ukraine EOD Guide

October 13, 2022

Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) issued an initial English language Ukraine EOD Guide in May 2022 with a second edition issued in September 2022; GICHD also plan to issue a Ukrainian language version. The aim of the guide is to assist both qualified Explosive Ordnance Disposal operators conducting munition clearance in Ukraine and to assist with munition survey and reconnaissance.

The correct identification of an item of munition is a precursor to undertaking safe and successful neutralisation and used in conjunctions with other certified sources of munition intelligence the guide provides a useful tool in achieving the objective.

The guide should only be used by experienced EOD operators and is not a substitute for technical expertise. The items of explosive ordnance included in the guide were either identified as having been used or available for use. However with additional munition types being identified as being used by the opposing forces on a regular basis researching multiple information sources is strongly recommended.

Individuals wishing to contribute information or images for consideration of inclusion in future editions of the guide should email CORD@gichd.org

A pdf copy of the guide may be downloaded here.