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Colin’s Ukraine Road Trip

January 29, 2023
Colin's Ukraine Road Trip

IMCSE Council Member, Co-Founder and Chief Intelligence Officer of Fenix Insight, Colin King, has recently returned to the UK from Ukraine. He and Jip McTavish, a small-arms and light weapons specialist, made the 4,000 mile return trip in a Land Rover, delivering medical aid and @Explosive Hazard Awareness Cards for Ukraine (an IMCSE supported initiative) to the eastern regions of Kharkiv and Izium. At the furthest point, they were less than 20 miles from the Russian border.

Whilst there, friends and personal contacts within military, police and emergency services EOD teams facilitated unique access to battlefields and ordnance storage sites, providing a level of technical data, context and insight that is only available in the theatre of operations.

A large amount of interesting munitions were examined during the trip, providing a major capture of imagery and data, which is now being embedded within the Fenix Online OSINT system (https://fenix-insight.online/). Over the next few weeks, Colin and his team shall be updating technical records and discussing some of the findings from the trip.

The photos show Colin and Jip departing Izium, a destroyed school on the outskirts of Kyiv and Colin presenting UXO awareness cards to a UK-Med team member in Kharkiv.

Colin and Jip departing Izium Colin presenting UXO awareness cards to a UK-Med team member in Kharkiv