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Who are IMCSE?

The Institute of Munition Clearance & Search Engineers (IMCSE) promotes professionalism within the international Munition Clearance and Search sectors.

We provide a focus for debate, CPD, information exchange, news, research and development, jobs and contracts to our community including those engaged in CMD, IEDD, EOC, BAC, demining, WMDD, search, detection, weapons inspection, containment and effect mitigation ensuring high operational standards by validating individual training and experience and accrediting training organisations.

We welcome invested individuals and entities whether engaged operationally, in training, research and development or manufacturing.

What is IMCSE?

Benefits of Membership

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Online Resources

Access to a community of like-minded munition clearance and search professionals.

Career & Business

Notification of job opportunities and forthcoming contracts.

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Education & Training

Technical papers, articles & accredited training courses.

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Additional benefits

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Working together to advance the international Munition Clearance and Search Engineer professions. Membership provides access to a range of individual and corporate benefits that help our Members in reducing the risks faced by global communities.

* Annual Subscriptions are dependent on the category of Membership. See all Membership categories here.

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